Magical properties of purple amethyst


Amethyst was always believed to be a magical crystal. Ancient Greeks and Romans were using this gemstone to keep their intentions and mind pure. It is still a symbol of purity and innocence. It brings calmness, shuts down emotional and physical pain, stops anxiety, fills aura with good intentions. It helps to control evil thoughts and purifies intents. Amethyst has a positive effect on the weak and unstable aura. Wearing an amethyst crystal or jewelry helps calm down and relax.

This beautiful gem is an amulet against alcoholism and obesity. In the Middle Age times this crystal was one of the favorite ones for its purity and beauty. Amethyst in a shape of a heart set in silver is the best gift idea for the bride-to-be. This talisman blesses newlyweds, offering them happiness and peace of mind for many years.Purple amethyst crystal pendant in silver

Amethyst is also believed to change its tone depending on the weather. According to some travelers  it can even predict weather changes. Due to that it is a perfect gift for travelers, sailors, fishermen. Medicinal properties of amethyst.

Healing properties of purple amethyst

Purple amethyst crystal gemstone

First of all, this crystal helps to normalize the endocrine and nervous systems. Amethyst stone helps getting rid of nervous breakdowns, bad thoughts, seasonal depression. Amethyst has a positive effect on the intellectual part of mind. This stone’s properties gift its true owner with clarity and pureness. Wearing jewelry with amethysts can enhance memory and relieve insomnia.

Purple crystal regulates blood and improves blood circulation and pressure. It also has antiseptic properties. In ancient times, it was often put for the night in a container with drinking water to purify it. It was thought that by the morning water would absorb the healing powers of amethyst, hence, it would be a health potion for warriors and royals.


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